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 Our Policy:

     Everyone has their own riding goals, interests and abilities, and they are all legitimate.
  Making the rides a positive experience for the most people is the goal. We would like to
  encourage EVERYONE to review the ride guidelines; this includes those seasoned riders
  that have been riding for years. It is probably a good idea to periodically re-familiarize
  yourself with these. There are the usual issues regarding basic safety & preparedness.

      Arrive at the ride on time, ready to ride; start time means rolling out time, not arrival time.
  Show up prepared; have your spares, tools, etc. that you will need; don't expect someone
  else, including the ride leader, to have them. Do not to run stop signs and red lights, but
  if you do, be considerate of those who didn't, and wait for them. Ride in a responsible &
  predictable manor in traffic & cycling groups. Sudden moves around other cyclists &
  moving cars makes for some very stressful, sometimes painful, moments. "Always wear your Helmet".
      Often the rides seem to cater to certain ability levels, but that is because frequently they
  are the only people volunteering to lead the rides. Ride leaders choose the distance, route
  and pace of the ride they lead. Even with that said, most rides can accommodate a wide
  variety of riders.  If there isn't a ride that meets your needs, volunteer to lead one, and
  there can be more than one ride scheduled for any Saturday. Know your limits.
  The determining factor on our advertised rides is usually pace, not average speed. Pace is
  considered the typical speed on flat ground. The speed will decrease and increase
  throughout the ride. If you are not able to maintain the advertised pace for the distance
  given, then you should not attempt that ride. You might want to initiate an alternative ride.
       On the flip-side of that issue, respect the advertised pace listed for a ride. Although no
  one is going to be monitoring the pace of the riders, but if the ride is advertised at 13-15
  mph, and you will be riding 10 mph faster than that, you should consider initiating another
  ride that is geared towards your riding interests. Some of the Saturday rides move along
  at a blazing pace. Don't feel that you have to keep up with the lead group. Some riders try
  to stay with the fast group too long and then become exhausted for the rest of the ride.
  We've also had riders make a wrong turn when between groups and get lost. If you get
  dropped and don't know the route, stop and wait for someone that does. The ride leader
  generally will stay towards the back of the entire group, making sure that everyone
  (still on the route) makes the turns & is not stranded on the road.
      Our After-Work rides are a little different. There is not a ride leader, only a point of
  contact. Most of these rides are considered "on-your-own" rides, meaning if you get
  dropped, you’re dropped. Riders like to come out and push themselves on these rides.
  Find a group that you can ride with; there are usually different groups  of many abilities
  on these rides. As a club event, we want to encourage the group dynamics, a sense of
  camaraderie. That might include helping someone who has mechanical difficulty, waiting
  at the top/bottom of a long hill, or waiting for someone stopped by traffic. Another “group”
  quality is helping fellow riders stay with the group by taking a pull in front
  (but not increasing the pace that would drop the weaker riders) or pulling a “dropped”
  rider back to the rest of the group. Gathering at rest stops allows people to refuel,
  socialize or possibly change the mini-group they were riding with. Someone might decide
  to ride with a slower or faster group if given the chance. On the flip-side: when the ride
  stops for a rest break, try to be ready to go when the others are. An exception to this
  would be in cold weather; when waiting for a long time in cold weather is difficult .
      If the weather is questionable before the start time, call the ride leader to confirm
  whether the ride will take place. During the colder months, rider leaders are not obligated
  to host the ride if the temperature is below 40 degrees at the start time. Riders that
  want to go ahead with the ride are welcome to do so. If you are not sure if there will be
  a ride, call the ride leader to verify. This is not meant to discourage anyone from attending
  the rides. The intention is to help address the individual rider’s expectations. When unmet,
  riders tend to be frustrated and discouraged from doing future club rides. Hope to see
  you on some rides.

 Our Rules:

    Summerville Cyclist are open to any rider, even if your are not a member of Coastal Cyclist
  Bicycle Club. You should be able to ride the distance and terrain. These distances will vary form
  time to time check with group leaders for this, at time of ride. You should carry fluids to drink
  snacks or protein bar when riding. You should carry a spare tube, pump and tools and knowledge
  on how to use them. Paces and speeds on this rides are estimate they will very at times.
  Speeds will very from 15-20+ Ride leaders may be with the largest group and or may designate
  some one for the slower or newer rider if needed. If your are a new rider we will teach you all
  the in and outs of cycling  Safety, Drafting ,Pulling, Endurance, Speed, And no one will be left
  behind. We are a Funny Cycling group and love what we do. Rides depart in the schedule time.
  Arrive early, so you can prepare your ride so no one will get held up




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